Hi there. I'm Laura Riley.

I created Love Your Monday because I strongly believe two things:

1. Fear prevents brilliant women from having life-changing career conversations—causing them to miss out on job offers, leave money on the table, and settle for miserable jobs because they feel stuck.

And, more optimistically:

2. Those same women—the ones who are fearful, anxious, and uncomfortable—are so capable of having confident career conversations. With the right tools, support, and practice, every woman can rock interviews, negotiations, and resignations.

I know because I was that fearful, anxious, uncomfortable person. After working in two toxic offices, I quit my job as a college career advisor. That was October 2016. And heck yeah, it was scary. I had to verbally resign to my supervisor—the one who made the environment toxic in the first place.


But, I did it.

And every time I share about my experience with toxic workplaces, something I do a lot, women, in particular, confide, “My workplace is toxic, too.”

I have mixed emotions when this happens. I feel privileged to hear these stories and to support these women, but I'm annoyed toxic workplaces are rampant.​

To counteract my frustration, I share my story. And I help other people share their stories.

That's why Love Your Monday exists.

I believe every woman has the life-changing ability to write her own story by interviewing effectively, negotiating confidently, and at times, resigning boldly.

Thank you for being here.


I have a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Student Affairs in Higher Education.


I love traveling and cooking, and of course, eating while traveling. My most memorable meal is a sandwich from an alley deli in Florence.


The texture of a Terracotta pot is what nightmares are made of, plus rashes. I'm a hypochondriac with a texture aversion.


I began as a college
career advisor. Then I started a content writing business. Now I do both—write and coach about the world of work. It's magic.

Other Things You Might Care to Know