If you want a list of 'Commonly Asked Interview Questions,' you're in the wrong place. I don't think they're helpful. Actually, I think they're unhelpful. I have a better strategy.

Philosophically, I believe crushing any interview starts early—long before the search committee says, “Tell me about yourself."

That's why this four-session package covers every phase of the interview process, from pre-interview research to post-interview thank yous.

Part 1: The Power of Stories

Let's talk about the key to crushing any interview: stories! We'll chat about this interview philosophy and discuss how you can master it, given your unique strengths and interview style.

Part 2: Pre-Interview Research

Next, we’ll hop into the pre-interview research. I’ll share exactly what you should know before the interview, how to find that info, and exactly what to do with that information once you have it.

Part 3: Finding Your Stories

In part 3, we'll find your stories—determining which stories you should share to best align yourself with the opportunity.

Part 4: Strategic Storytelling

With stories in hand, we’ll practice strategically telling those stories. We’ll answer questions like: "What details should I share?" and "How can I tell the same story in multiple ways to highlight different skills?"

Part 5: Master Storyteller

Lastly, it’s time to practice. If interviews make you nervous, that’s totally fine. But I’m willing to bet by this point in the process, you’ll feel comfortable and ready to apply everything you've learned!

As I mentioned, I don’t believe it’s helpful to write and memorize scripted answers to specific questions.

That said, I do think it’s helpful to demonstrate how a single story can be used to answer any interview question that’s thrown your way. If you can remember your stories, you can ace any interview.

When we wrap up our final session, you will be comfortable with your stories and proud of your accomplishments.


You will know how to best share your experiences and understand how to connect the dots between what you’ve done in the past and how it will help you accomplish a whole heck of a lot in the future.

You ready to crush it?

The Interview Effectively Package